Control Device

The standard diameter of operation head is 30mm, which can be mounted on paneldoors of 1 up to 6mm. The explosion-proof components for panel-doors mounted switches are connected to the premounted front operation head part with a bayonet clip. The rail mounted components are attached to the operator heads when the lid of the Ex e enclosure is closed. The lamps and switches with their heads must be mounted in an enclosure increased safety ” Ex e” where the protection degree is IP54 or higher.


LED is used as light source for the lamps and five different colours can be selected

The ammeters are fitted with the adjustable red pointers, two times overload and can be used as direct or indirect measurement. The direct measurement is suitable for the current range of 0~15A and the scales of ammeters for indirect measure (for current transformer) are interchangeable.


• The sign and letters in the button is permanently engraved.
• The rated current of explosion-proof switch module is up to 16A and its mechanical life is 1×106 operations.
• The electrical life of the LED lamp is more than 1×105 hours.