Fluorescent Luminaries 23CC L8

The 23CC series of fluorescent luminaries is rigidised, corrosion resistant IP66 luminaries made of GRP with polycarbonate diffuser. The internally one point operated locking system secure a reliable ingress protection over time as well as easy access during installation or relamping. All internal components such as ballast, lampholders, safety switches, inverters, batteries, terminal strips are made to obtain a reliable, maintenance friendly and cost efficient solution during the entire life time of the luminary.
The emergency version has an incorporated inverter which is powered by the internal battery during failure of main power. The inverter control and secure the status of the batteries, such as more than 120 min emergency light can be obtained during power failure. 3 LED´s gives the status of the emergency system.
  • Equipped with the mechanical interlocking device and a safety switch, automatically switching the power off when the diffuser is opened.
  • The explosion-proof ballast is equipped with the protective functions of open circuit, short circuit and abnormity of lamp.
  • The emergency type has the indication of fault signal, the charging signal and the discharging signal.
  • Through wiring possibilities.

Intended use: Zone 1 & 2, Zone 21 & 22